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  • Contestants must use TEMPRA PAINT ONLY on their windows.

  • Paint within the marked off spaces

  • Tracing is not allowed 

  • No Collaboration, painting must be sole work of the artist

  • Painting can begin on Wednesday, Oct 18th and must be finished by dusk on Friday, Oct 27th

  • Keep area where you are painting as neat as possible and dispose of all your trash



Judging will take place on Friday, Oct 27th & Saturday, Oct 28th. There will be 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners. The paintings will be evaluated by a panel of judges and awards will be given in the following brackets:    


BRACKETS                                                           INDEX CARD KEY

1.    Pre-K                                                                  White

2.    Kindergarten & 1st grade                                Yellow

3.    2nd & 3rd grade                                                 Purple

4.    4th & 5th grade                                                  Green

5.    6th thru 8th grade                                              Pink

6.    High School Students                                       Blue

7.    Adults                                                                Orange


The winners will be announced at the Irvington Halloween Festival on Saturday October 28th before the parade. 


PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that you make arrangements to protect your painting (cover it with clear plastic) from the inclement weather.  And then remove it prior to judging on Friday, October 27th.  

Thanks to our 2023 Sponsor

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