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2022 Irvington Halloween Costume Contest

October 29 - Irvington Library front yard

The Annual Historic Irvington Halloween Festival Costume Contest is fun for everyone! Show off your creativity and have a great time with the potential to win some fabulous prizes. 

  • Handmade/Original: Use your own materials and creativity to design an artistic, unique, original masterpiece!

  • Scary: Do your best to scare the judges with your most frightening creation (but not TOO scary...excessively violent costumes not allowed).

  • Popular Culture: Examples of "pop culture" come from a variety of sources and influences such as music, television, advertising and sports!

Check out photos of all the youth participants and the adult & group participants!


2022 Halloween Costume Contest Winners by Age Group:


0-5 Age Group



  1. Ben & Brigham Elliot, Stinky and Excavator 

  2. Lucas Livesay, porcupine 

  3. Grady Carroll-Phillips, Garbage Man


Pop Culture 

  1. Avery Turner, Tin Girl 

  2. 2. Beckham Metz, Lego Ninjago 

  3. 3. Marnie Cox, Pinkie Pie



  1. Elliot Thilges, Sam from Trick R’ Treat 

  2. Jackson Conradt, Jack Skellington 

  3. Jamesyn Phelan-Cross, Bloody Girl 


6-12 Age Group



  1. Lincoln Duke, Xenonorph 

  2. Lily McKnight Bonfitto, Candy Pail 

  3. Zoe Pittman, Dinosaur


Pop Culture 

  1. Maggie Swan, Sandy from Grease 

  2. Parker Fretwell, Khonshu from Moon Knight 

  3. Kora Barger, Cicada



  1. Leia Sparks, Annabelle 

  2. Jade Potts, Shrunken Head 

  3. Amelia & Lucy Starling, Shining twins 


13-17 Age Group



  1. Lorelei Oles, Whimsical Mushroom 

  2. Jaxon Fretwell, Moon Knight 

  3. Zoe Manley, Pink Magical Girl


Pop Culture 

  1. Isabella Clair, Yosemite Sam 

  2. Michelle Schaffer, Minecraft YouTuber 

  3. Sam Fleck, Michael Myers



  1. Dominic Thatcher, Clown 

  2. Abby Morgan, Patrick Bateman; American Psycho 

  3. Yazen Rajabi, Reaper 





  1. Jessica Fischer, Forest Sprite 

  2. Laura Dyer, Marie Antoinette 

  3. Sophia Rhoads, Demogorgan


Pop Culture 

  1. Anna Rice, Ophir Boogie 

  2. Laura Kuhn, Samus Aran, Metroid 

  3. Nancy Stinson, Lady Justice 



  1. Alexandra Ray, Wolf Witch 

  2. Gloria Hickman, Witch 

  3. Ross’s Hickman, Scary Ghost 





  1. Ended Lewis, Alice in Wonderland 

  2. Tina Ahlgren, Irvington Camera 

  3. Stephanie Staton, Super Mario party 


Pop Culture 

  1. St. Laurant Family, Big characters

  2. Katie Prater, Willy Wonka 

  3. Amanda Brown, Peanuts Gang



  1. Christy Crabtree, Post-Apocalyptic Band 

  2. Darlene Fox, Cryptids and Mythical Creatures 

  3. Glenn Skinner, Pirate crew

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