Rules and Fees


Non-profit - $125

Handcraft Row - $175

Kids Zone - $200

Washington Street - $250


Food Booth - $250

Food Truck - $275

Food Trailer - $300

Beer Truck - contact*

Beer Tent - contact*

*All vendors selling alcohol are to contact the festival directly to discuss their application.  The number of vendors selling alcohol will be strictly limited and will include only Indiana craft beer and wineries.  No hard spirits are allowed at Festival events.  Food trucks and other vendors are not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages.


To guarantee a spot at the festival, you can become a festival sponsor.

Visit the Sponsorship Page for more details. 

Washington Street Black Cat Sponsor - $500

Washington Street Prime* - $1500

*Guarantees booth space in prime location on Washington Street along with all other Sponsorship perks.

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