Irvington Halloween Festival Contests

The Historic Irvington Halloween Festival invites you to participate in one of the many contests throughout the year and specifically in the month of October.

All unclaimed prizes can be picked up at the Irvington Branch Library.

Poster Design Contest

The Historic Irvington Community Council (HICC) requests proposals for a poster to commemorate the Historic Irvington Halloween Festival. The poster should represent and reflect the spirit and essence of this event. Entries may be created using a variety of different mediums: painting, drawing, and illustration. Please use a medium that will translate effectively into a graphic reproduction. The 1st place art will be utilized as the poster image for the IHF and available for sale before, during and after the Festival.

Shirt Design Contest

We want you to design this year’s official festival t-shirt! The top three contestants will win cash prizes, as well as other festival perks.

Window Painting Contest

If you grew up as a kid in Irvington, then chances are you at some point painted windows for the Halloween Festival. Now that some of us are older, we have the same opportunity to pass along this tradition to our children. And for those adults who still enjoy painting the windows, don’t worry, we’ve got an adult category too.

Haunted House Decoration Contest

Does your house scream Halloween more than any other in Irvington? Do you spend more time and money decorating your house for Halloween than any other holiday? This is the one time of the year it’s socially acceptable to make your house look frightening and unapproachable.

Costume Contest

If you would like to enter your child (or adult) (or pet!) in the costume contest and participate in the parade, there will be a booth near the library. Judging will take place there as well.

Writing Contest

This is an annual contest in which participants submit original pieces of poetry and essays about Halloween. This contest is open to students in Kindergarten through 12th grade students. Winners are invited to read their work at the Spooky Stories event at the Irving Theater.

Pet Costume Contest

We’re opening up the costume contest to our four-legged friends (pets of all shapes and sizes welcome)!