Street Fair

The Historic Irvington Halloween Festival culminates on the final day of the festival with a street fair that includes over 120 vendors, live-music, children’s events and a costume parade.


Want to earn some cool freebies while helping support your neighborhood? Become a festival volunteer!


This is the one time of the year when it’s socially acceptable to look frightening and unapproachable.


Be a vendor at the Irvington Halloween Festival Street Fair!

2012 T-Shirt Contest Winners

This year, we created a contest for the official festival shirt. Graphic designers were encouraged to submit a design that exemplified the festival and its events. Our planning committee could not decide between the top two entries, so we opened it up to public voting on Facebook. Even there, the voting was nearly deadlocked – so we are excited to announce that BOTH shirts will be printed and available for sale!

Design by Justin Foxworth

Design by Josh Smart

2 Responses to 2012 T-Shirt Contest Winners

  1. Mike Reed

    Will they be on sale @ the festival/how much will the shirts run?


  2. Irvington Halloween

    Hi Mike, they are for sale at Black Sheep Gifts.

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