Street Fair

The Historic Irvington Halloween Festival culminates on the final day of the festival with a street fair that includes over 120 vendors, live-music, children’s events and a costume parade.


Want to earn some cool freebies while helping support your neighborhood? Become a festival volunteer!


This is the one time of the year when it’s socially acceptable to look frightening and unapproachable.


Be a vendor at the Irvington Halloween Festival Street Fair!

2012 Planning Committee Meeting

The Irvington Halloween Festival Planning Committee is kicking off its planning of the 66th Annual Irvington Halloween Festival. Our first meeting is to be held on April 18th at 6:30pm in the Irvington Presbyterian Church basement. This meeting is open to all persons interesting in volunteering for the planning of this year’s Festival. Please join us!

13 Responses to 2012 Planning Committee Meeting

  1. We love the Annual Historic Irvington Halloween Festival and look forward to this year’s event, because it is for the whole family to enjoy!!

  2. Morgan Mahoney

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get a phone number and mailing address for this planning committee?
    Morgan Mahoney

  3. Irvington Halloween

    Hi Morgan, you can reach the Irvington Community Council hotline at (317) 713-1100. Our mailing address is: PO Box 19721 Indianapolis, IN 46219.

  4. Would like to attend meetings and become involved with the fest.
    home 765-525-6534 Thanks.

  5. Irvington Halloween

    Hi Jim, our next meeting will be Wednesday, July 25th.

  6. Nancy Evans

    Are you still interested in vendors for this year 2012? My son has restaurant that does catering and events and also an Olde Mr. Softee ice cream truck for events.
    thanks for reply.

  7. Irvington Halloween

    Hi Nancy, vendor apps are closed at the moment. Please fill out the form at to be added to our email list.

  8. PNC would love to be a sponsor with the festive or Pleasant Run Run but have no been contact. Who do we talk to and are we to late. We love to help our community!

  9. Irvington Halloween

    We’ll be in touch!

  10. Colleen Brown- Ossip Optometry Irvington

    I don’t know who to get in touch with, but I am the Team Leader at Ossip Optometry now located in Irvington. We would like to have the children be able to paint our windows for the festival, but now sure how I go about it? I have already had a patient leave her name and her 5 children that would like to do our windows. Do we have to section them off, or is it done for us, and do we have to have the windows cleaned after festival? Just questions since we have not done this before. Also, we are going to be open that day, but only for an “open house” not exams. We should be able till still park in our parking on Layman shouldn’t we? Can we get to it with the roads closed? I know lots of questions…if you would rather call me, my work # is 357-8385 and press 0 and you will reach our office. Thanks so much for your help! Looking forward to being a part of sucha a great tradition!

  11. Irvington Halloween

    Hey Colleen, we’ll be in touch!

  12. Deb "Majik" Boswell

    I would like to get involved with the Halloween Festival and other events in Irvington.



  13. Irvington Halloween

    Hey there, Deb. Just head on over to and fill out the form!

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